As my Twitter blurb reads, Just a Canadian Christian with a camera and a REALLY big imagination.

I always find it hard when asked to describe myself but I will try my best. Photography has been a huge passion of mine for many years and people are not surprised to find some sort of camera attached to me wherever I go. I stepped away from the camera after high school in an attempt to figure out what to do with my life. And as funny as it was I ended coming back to it in the beginning just as a hobby, but more and more I find myself realizing that I’m not made to do photography simply as a hobby. I came up with the idea to start freelancing last summer after I purchased my first SLR. For anyone wondering, I am a Nikon girl, not because I think they’re better I don’t buy into that comparison garbage, I simply went with Nikon because I learned on a Nikon. Simple enough (and it was on sale…). Within the first couple of weeks I did my first photo shoot with a group of missionaries, and from there word slowly began to spread and I found myself photographing for my day time job, my friends, and did an engagement shoot and booked a wedding in 2012. The name LuluBelle is a nickname you will hear me being called more often than my own name thanks to my dad and my late nana coining the nickname in my early years so when it came to thinking of something creative, I couldn’t think of anything else. Everyday I learn more and more about this love of mine and in that I learn more about life. So here you will find obviously a whack load of photos from the (insert sarcastic tone here) insanely interesting life I live and read up on my most random and sometimes incoherent thoughts.


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