There comes a time when what you’ve been waiting for finally comes around, and while it’s exciting and encouraging that thing you’ve been wishing for finally is in your life, calling for you, all you can think about it running as far away from it as possible.

I’m now three months into a new job. A new job at the church I started attending last year out here in Vancouver. Every time I think about how I ended up in this position I have to give my head a shake, one because it’s just so funny how God works, and two at how silly I was when the opportunity came around.

For months while working out in my home town and living in Vancouver, I had hoped and prayed God would lead me into a new job, something different, something closer to Vancouver. Anything so I could finally move on, because having my feet in two different ponds was becoming too much to bare. And prayer is powerful, my friends and community group had been earnestly praying that something would come up. and it did.

A position at the church I new was calling home….wait what?

Yeah, that’s what I said.

A maternity position opened for an admistrator at the church. And I passed it up. For many reasons, now many foolish reasons. And as I explain it all it’s just a testimant of how sovergn God actually is when you try to argue with His will. And just how much He loves His foolish children.

I started out saying no immediatly. The very first reason was that it was a maturnity leave. I was fearful to apply for a job that could only guarantee me a year, i kept over thinking it all. The practical side of my was right, at my age, I should be striving for those five year plans, and I couldn’t afford to start a job, only to leave it in a year, especially the way the job market was.

The second was my apprehenstion for working in ministry. I loved my time at my old job, i loved the people, I loved working for a church. But the type of position I had made me wonder if I had the gifting to work in ministry at all. I still wonder that actually, but as I am learning from other minsitry leaders (REAL ministry leaders) they are too.

So I passed it up and kept convicning myself along with everyone around my why I wasn’t going to apply. Then the posting dissapeared. And that was that.

But it wasn’t. A few weeks later it popped up again and more and more people came out of the woodwork asking me why I wasn’t apply for the job. And Again, I was telling them the same story. But as I prayed more about it, I felt a nudging from God, I continued to fight it. More people came to me, they came to the girl who was going on leave. My name was being thrown around the office and I continued to fight.

But the more I fight the more God kept throwing my excuses back at me. Easing my fears about the 1 year gaurentee, about being in ministry. About my ability to do the job. It got to a point where I couldn’t ignore it. I applied. a few hours later I got a response asking if I could come in for an interview. It was that quick. And when I came in for the interview, one of the pastors first words were, “We’ve heard a lot about you! We were wondering if you were going to apply”

After two weeks I was hired, my apprehentions settled, and I am a little more affirmed that I am where I am supposed to be.

It hasn’t been an easy three months, entering in a new job with a bit of a learning curve, mixed in with a busy season. But I am loving it. I’m part of a ministry where I am valued, and that I am challanged. And even more affirmed that this church in Vancouver is where I am called to be right now.

It’s weird to think how this change all started, how difficult it was in the beginning as i made the transition. I’ve lost some pretty important people, I’ve moved to a different city, I’ve lost touch with a few friends, and I don’t get to see my family as much as I used to. But it’s part of His Sovergn plan. It’s pretty comforting.



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