I guess an update is long overdue, but I never made any promises about being an up-to-date blogger. 

There are still a lot of emotions over the last few months, but I’ve started to attribute it all to the work I feel God is doing. It’s all part of this change I’ve asked for. And If I haven’t mentioned anything about praying for change, well let me tell you, this girl, who is afraid of any type of change imaginable prayed for change.

My heart was ready for it, and my heart needed it. And I was terrified, but I knew it had to happen. After that prayer was said, the ball began rolling. And so started the last 9 months, which included the deaths of three of my friends, me finding new community, and just recently a new home. 

I wont rehash what happened with Taylor, Travis, and Todd; Hmm just realizing now that they’re all T’s… I digress

I’ve always had a deep love for the city while living in the burbs. At the drop of a hat I would be downtown wondering my own city with my camera in hand, or at a restaurant with a few friends grabbing a bite to eat. It didn’t matter what the reason, any reason i could think of to go down, I was down there. With that came finding a church in the city, and while I still call SDBC my home I felt the need for community as mine at my home church had moves starting new families or a new start somewhere else. I became starved for friends that were my age and still single. I still love my friends that are married and have little ones, but that experiential overlap begins to fade when you’re trying to have a conversation about bad dates with your friend who is a new mom and they are wiping up baby throw up….

It felt good to find people I could relate to again. But it’s been a little challenging trying to juggle my growing spheres of friendships, but it’s been good none the less. For someone who has trouble meeting new people, I’m doing just fine.

The other big change has been my new address. It was only a matter of time before I would find myself living in the city, and I’m loving it. While I’m a little bit of an odd location (which I wont disclose :)) I am adjusting just fine. For an only child that has loved at home until the age of 27 (try not to laugh too hard now…) With moving away from home comes a sense of freedom because while I thought I was always the independent type, I realize now just how independent I really am living on my own (well I do have a roommate..). 

While all this change would have probably never occurred if I didn’t pray for it, as well as ask for God to mold my heart towards change. I’m happy with things. Sure there are the stresses every adult goes through, like how am I going to pay my bills, gas is ridiculously expensive when you have to commute back to the burbs for work, and how much for milk and eggs??

And with all of this is the hope that I will find that creative spark, that my heart will find enough courage to go out and shoot, to find things to photograph, and that I will be able to share them with the world. I know if I complained to Todd about my recent creative downfall, he would simply say grow a pair and get out there. Then let out a deep chuckle at the thought of me growing a pair then try and think of a better analogy to use..Those were Todd’s pep talks. As silly as they were, they always seemed to do the trick. 

Next great photo is for you buddy.


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