Hopeless Wanderer

The past week I’ve been trying to focus on getting back into my routine but it seems as though I’ve been suffering from a little post vacation depression. When all was said and done, and we had our bags and headed out of the baggage claim area and out into the terminal I saw two cruise ship reps waiting for passengers to take them to the Vancouver terminal. I actually stopped and asked them, “Can you take a stowaway? I’ll work for room and board” and in all honesty, I was being serious. I didn’t want to go back home!

I had to force myself to photograph, which was hard. Trying to figure out where and why I started to lose that creative edge has been a little disconcerting but it was good to at least get out there and photograph something different. The majority of my photos are from San Francisco though, because well, there was more to photograph there.  The third day landed us in Santa Barbara where we met a friend of my parents who showed us around the city. That day was even harder to photograph for two reasons, one it was a rainy day, and two I had the worst sunburn I’d ever had. After laying on the deck the day before for only an hour while we set sail from San Francisco I had burnt my face and chest. It was a nice shade of purple is was so bad.   So I spent most of it cringing in pain after every facial expression but still tried to take in the sights of the city.  The week flew by, with Catalina Island, San Diego, and Ensenada all the following three days. Catalina Island was such a beautiful little port town, the majority of its inhabitants drive around in golf carts because the town is so small. So mom and I rented one and bombed around for an hour, we went up to the Avalon Casino to take some photos and then looked at the little vacation houses. Oh, to be rich and have one of those. San Diego and Ensenada were slower days, we didn’t get around much in San Diego and we didn’t even get off the boat in Ensenada.

But after a week of work and getting over the fatigue I think I’m starting to snap out of it. Only because the realization that summer is approaching and I can’t wait. I’m hoping for a few more summer adventures than last year where I can force myself to get photographing again, maybe take another class or two. Heres hoping.

DSC_0060 DSC_0171 DSC_0301DSC_0230



DSC_0095-2DSC_0036 DSC_0275





























Just a few photos in no particular order. Enjoy.




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