Can’t I shoot something other than hockey? That thought came to me when I looked on my stats page and saw someone actually googled “canucks alana”. Yup.

I wish I could say that was a legitimate problem…But it’s not, but I seem to be only shooting hockey and while I wish that was a career of mine, I unfortunately have to stick to my day job.

With the season underway, I’ve somehow managed to see two games already and the photo’s below are of the most recent one last week against Colorado (It was a great game to watch live seeing as they got a shut out..). It was fun taking my big camera and standing at the front for warm-ups. For some reason a few of them got a kick out of trying to scare me while I was looking through the camera shooting by shooting the pucks at the glass instead of the net. Jokes on you suckers, I still got some great shots! Image

I didn’t see the irony until I edited this.



The culprit.DSC_0054

Oh captain, my captain.

Some good news on the photo work front though, my good friend got engaged over the Christmas break to a lovely girl and last week he asked me if I would be interested in photographing their wedding. I was really honoured that he asked, that he has that much faith in me to shoot his wedding. I really want to but there are so many things that could go wrong, and then it gets awkward…Plus theres the battle between, do I want to sit an enjoy my friends wedding as a guest and party with my friends while celebrating an important day, or do I want to work at doing something I love to do with a good friend of mine by capturing his special day. It’s a toss up. And I’m still thinking about it… I tend to over think these kinds of things, so I’ll be at it for a while.


The future Mr. and Mrs. Finch.

While I’m trying to fight off round two of this winter flu that’s been going around I’ve been trying to keep busy, but it’s hard when you have so little energy. The last month has been trying to prepare for the exodus of our Youth Pastor Grant. 18 years, he’s beenthe Youth guy at SDBC, and now he’s leaving. Not by anything you would normally assume (if you’re an SDBC member at least). After 18 years he realized in order for the ministry to grow, and for him to grow, he needed to move on. It was honestly the most grace filled exit I’ve ever seen in my 13 years being a part of a church. Since I found out back in October, I’ve been trying toprocess what his leaving means to me. I know it’s weird for a girl to take that long to process something, but with Grant it was different. The whole reason I stepped foot inside South Delta Baptist Church was because of Grant. Going to that youth program called Gap he led for 18 years was a huge reason why I became a Christian, and Grant is a huge reason why 13 years later I still strive for a relationship with Jesus. I grew up in youth group since I was 14, became a youth leader, interned in ministry, and now I am his co-worker, his peer, and have always been his friend. There are a lot of people in the community that can say that they’ve met Grant at some point, that they’ve come to Gap at some point in their youth. There are not many people that can say one negative thing about this guy, he’s so great. His heart for Youth ministry is inspireing. It’s what made me love youth ministry so much, and I have him to thank for the many relationships I’ve build over the years with some pretty amazing kids. It’s weird to think that he’s no longer a part of that. And it’s scary to think what the youth ministry is going to do now. I mean they have excellent leadership taking over until we hire a new Youth pastor, but change is always a little scary in the beginning, especially when you don’t know what the end result will be.


The big man himself, Grant. Photo by me of course.

And finally, last week marked the two year anniversary of loosing Nana. Every day I still think of her, whether it’s a memory or something that I do or say and I remember that I picked it up from her. All of us still grieve and remember her in our own way, I keep trying to tell myself that when I hear a new crazy story about a family member, I also try to picture nana rolling her eyes and mumble “Christ almighty” in her scottish accent. God, I miss her. 104


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