Instagram and Hockey

It’s a new year. How many of you have broken your New Year’s resolutions already? I loosely said I’d save more this year and in an effort to do so, I’ve held off on spending (with essentials being the exception). But with the NHL lockout over and the season starting on Saturday my self control might slip with the purchase of tickets to a game or two 🙂

I was happy to see that two photos I entered for an instagram charity showcase where chosen and put on display at what I think is one of the coolest parties in the city a couple weeks ago, called the Instagramorama (Seeing as I don’t go to many city parties, I don’t have much to go on). It was definitely a confidence booster to see my photos printed and on display (with a few likes too!).

Unfortunately, the slump is still present, I just don’t have the creative drive to go out and shoot anything right now. It’s not helping either that I haven’t been hired (that’s partly my fault, part of my responsibility is to sell myself and my work in order to gain more customers and I’ve been lacking). I guess that should be part of my New Years resolution, to get out and shoot, in the middle of it something might come up. Right?

With hockey back on, I’m hoping to find a little inspiration out of that. In the 6 games I went to last year, I came out of it with a few cool shots and a few of them are floating around tumblr (Edler seems to be a popular one). Other than urban/street photography, Sports has to be one of my favourites to shoot. My friend and I have been taking advantage of the free public training camp this week. We went and saw the practice on Sunday and then went to the scrimmage last night. I didn’t realize how much I missed hockey until last night when I was in Rogers arena with the other 12,000 fans cheering as if it was a real game. Sadly, I left my camera at home. But I took one or two pictures with the trusty iPhone (That’s Higgins, he’s a little blurry I know, the phone can only do so much…). A lot of people are still angry about the lock out and truthfully so am I, it sucked that we had to loose half a season, and the fans lost out, but I’m not going to punish myself more by boycotting hockey, because one, it wont matter, and two why punish myself even more, I love watching hockey, and hockey is back. End of story. Now go get that cup!






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