Here we are again

We’re at that time again when the air is getting crisp, the days are shorter, and summer is just another memory. I don’t mourn for summer as much as I used to, simply because I love this time of year. I love watching the leaves turn and the air cooling down and my favourite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. This year flew by, a lot happened, a lot of up’s and down’s, and a lot of growth was had. I was in a reflective mood last week and looked back to the post I wrote last year ending off the summer remembering I made a list of goals to check off.

Pass Stats (HA!) Got a B-!!

– Get that damn diploma and kiss Kwantlen goodbye It was a tearful goodbye…not really though but three months later that little piece of paper came.

– Have one of my photos published Of Jeremy Johnson the BA Christian Rock star

– Book at least one photo shoot before Christmas (anyone want their photo taken?) Thank you Finch and family

– Finish Weathering Heights I couldn’t it was to much. My attention shifted to Fitzgerald

– Make my own backdrop (too cheap to buy one) In true Gentile fashion, why buy something when you can make it for cheaper 😉

– Get a tattoo Does a sharpie count? I’ll get a real one soon enough…

Last week mom and I took a little road trip down to Portland for her birthday and as a little vacation seeing as I never really took one this summer. Since my dad’s head office is in Portland my folks are down there every three months but I’ve never been, so I was pretty excited to see the sights of a city I’ve never been to. I’m always excited to explore a city I’ve never been to. Portland is sure interesting. It’s such cool city, a friend of mine described it as being a city that never really let go of the 90’s mainstream culture. I’d agree with him to a certain extend, it definitely has a cool vibe and I’ll admit I was a little nervous going fearing I wasn’t “hip” enough, but somehow I managed. I’d say I I might like Portland even more than Seattle, and that says a lot seeing as Pike Place Market is one of my favourite places on earth, but the Portland Saturday Market and  SW Ankeny St gave Pike Place a run for it’s money. And Powells Bookstore came in close second, I have never seen a bookstore like that, I went in wanting to buy Fitzgeralds, “The Beautiful and Damned” and I got lost in it’s color coded rooms and somehow ended up on the otherside of the store which ended up being two or three blocks away from where I started (it’s THAT big..) but it was inspiring and comforting being in such a huge place filled with all those books, stacked from the floor to the ceiling. Other than to take in the city and take advantage of the tax free shopping I was happy to spend our mini vacation not thinking about life back home. And I came back rested but a weekend wasn’t enough and now I regret not taking a longer holiday this year, but my lesson is learned. While I was there I was also fighting another slump of creativing and didn’t take a lot of shots but here are a few.

Clearly, most of them were taken from my phone. I’m still trying to kick this slump I’ve been in since the end of July which explains the lack of photos and posts. If anyone has any tips they can lend my way on beating a creative drought I’m all ears.


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