Wedding | Steven and Holly

Almost two months later I am still trying to process the day but to sum it up, it was great. It was a huge learning experience and while it wasn’t easy I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to photograph Holly and Steve for my first wedding. I remember back when I first met with them I was so nervous and the first thing I told them was that I had never photographed a wedding before. Holly smiled with a light shrug and said, “Everyone has to start somewhere”. I was so happy I got to photograph them, it’s easy to photograph them, every time they looked at each other it was like they were seeing each other for the first time. They had fun with each other and wanted to have fun on their special day. I went into the day terrified, the days prior were spent preparing and I probably sat and analyzed every possible situation that could have happened and wondered if I was in fact talented enough to shoot the wedding. And then, when the day came I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. But that was ok because it was one of the hundreds of possibilities I envisioned of happening. I wasn’t happy about it but there wasn’t much that could be done and prayed that the rain stopped in time for the portrait time outside. I was prepared for the long day ahead though in spite of my confidence still no where in sight, but when I got there and saw Holly getting ready my nerves were starting to ease. It was fun being a fly on the wall prior to the ceremony, seeing the girls (and Benjy the Bridesman) getting ready and hanging out. Having not been a bridesmaid (which sometimes I think is a good thing) and not yet a bride (also a good thing) I’ve never experienced the “getting ready” part of a wedding. It can really set the tone for the day, and Holly’s time was so relaxed and fun no one noticed the rain outside. A reoccurring thought running through my mind that day were my insecurities, am I going to produce great photos for the couple? Can I make a living out of this? Is my camera going to break at one point today? Am I going to have a nervous breakdown? Am I having a nervous breakdown right now?! And just as I was standing in the banquet room where as the ceremony started, I saw Holly walking down the isle and I started snapping away my confidence finally showed up and I felt right doing it. And yes it was a long day and yes there were challenges that i had to face but as we were driving home that night after pulling an 11 hour day I was energized, everything went by so quick, time always flies when you’re having fun.

When I met with the couple yesterday to give them the photos, Steve asked me if I would do it again. I smiled saying absolutely! I love working and interacting with people and I love taking photos and I can only hope for more opportunities to do two things I love to do!


One thought on “Wedding | Steven and Holly

  1. Alana,

    You & Joyce we’re great to us on our wedding day, putting so much time and effort into organizing us and making sure the shots were just right! We loved looking at all the photos and everyone we have shown thinks you were excellent! Thankyou so much for all your hard work and skill 🙂

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