This last weekend I went and took a weekend intensive photography course. Weekend intensive meaning, 24 hours of course material taught in 12. It was a busy weekend packed with a lot of information. I wasn’t really sure which course I wanted to start with, there was the choice between beginner, and intermediate. Knowing what I know from studying on my own I had somewhat of an ego going in, hoping the weekend wasn’t going to be a waste of my time. Oh, but it wasn’t.

I learned ALOT of technical aspects of photography, a lot of aspects I had no idea existed. I had my moments were I was completely overwhelemd with the information, but it was all good to know. Being taught from a professional is a complete paradigm shift but I was so glad I got to learn from someone accredited, and has been in the field for a long time. And the best part? shooting in a HUGE studio with real models. Studio photography was something I didn’t think I would be able to do for a while and frankly, thought I might never want to do but that was the last part of the course. Another paradigm shift for me, I wasn’t standing in front of my close friends photographing them, I was in front of a complete stranger having to connect with them in order to get a good photograph. Connecting with strangers is a big challenge for me, I’m shy and somewhat socially awkward…. The three were great and a lot of fun to shoot.


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