Vanity Fair’s photo spreads are a big reason why I wanted to become a photographer. Their most prominent and popular photographer, Annie Leibovitz has been a big inspiration and photographer I admire and look up to. Her ability to capture a portrait can’t be mimicked, and every portrait she’s done speaks volumes. I can only hope to emulate just a fraction of her ability and talent.

My favourtie photo by AL (although not published by VF, this was during her Rolling Stone days…still a phenomenal photo though)

Photo taken from

Vanity Fair’s portraits have a style to them that made me want to be a photographer. I can’t quiet explain it, a lot of their portraits of actors/actress take the star out of their element and put them into a fantasy world (I understand the irony of that statement). But the story the VF photographers can create with their photos are beautiful and inspiring. Here are some good ones.


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