Distant Memories

Like I said in my last post, I went down to Gastown intent on taking some photos of the area but came up feeling a little short (for those who know me, no pun intended). I wondered around shooting but nothing was really inspiring me but I kept pushing myself to keep shooting knowing something was bound to catch my eye. It did, but it wasnt in Gastown. I decided after doing a loop around Cordova street I would go see Olympic cauldron. I hadn’t been down to Jack Poole plaza since the Olympics and thought it would be cool to take some shots there.

I was glad I did. It wasnt busy at all downtown and there were maybe three people in the plaza (I guess I have Superbowl to thank for that). I didn’t realize that they took the gates down either. For the first time I was able to go right up to the cauldron without a thousand others around.

In some ways I miss the Olympics. In other ways I really don’t. I’m not much of a crowd person, and for that I stayed away from a few Olympic activities but I wish I had put my personal space preferences aside for a few nights and battled the crowds. The times I was in the city during the Olympics were great, and I’m glad I went. My favourite being crammed into a little Thai restaurant in Yaletown with about 100 other people (for two weeks, fire code’s weren’t applicable seeing as every space available was packed three times the size they’re maximum occupancy allows) watching the opening ceremonies happening a block away, we didn’t even have to have the sound on the TV’s to hear the music coming from BC place. It’s a pretty cool memory to have and to know that a couple years ago the whole world was watching our city. It makes you proud in a way. For the most part they city was well behaved (where were we on game 7 of the stanley cup finals…..), and we have some great memories to hold on to.Mine being, the opening ceremonies stuffed in the restaurant watching the ceremonies,  my dad and the company he works for supplying the snow on Cypress mountain (read about it here) and Crosby getting us the only gold medal that really mattered to Canadians.

With the 2 year anniversary having passed, the city moved on, I’m glad we can still have the cauldron to look at and remember our favourite memories from the Olympics.


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