The Odds are Stacked

I don’t bet on sports, but every year come Superbowl I always say to myself, I should have bet on the game. If I did, I’d be winning some money in a couple minutes. Lets go Giants!

This morning I went out to the city with Gastown in mind. I’ve spent a few evenings out there on the weekends and every time I’m down there I’m always reminded how pretty it is during the day. It’s got a lot of great architecture and not to mention the steam clock. The streets are always filled with eclectic people and it’s never that busy. So I went down before the game started to take some shots but I was a little disappointed, I went down with a particular idea in mind, but I wasn’t seeing it. I wasn’t that impressed or inspired with what I was shooting. That’s always a little disappointing, but what I’ve learned is that you have to push through that wall, because you never know what’s behind it. Which brings me to my next post…Stay tuned.


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