Magic Hour

I’ve always loved sunsets. And as I have come along on the world of Photography I’ve come to love the time of dusk even more. Photographers love the last few minutes before the sun sets and the early morning just as the sun rises. They call it, “Magic Hour.” It’s especially useful, not to mention inspiring. Becuase the sun isnt above the horizon yet, there is less direct sun light making lighting more soft and giving off longer shadows. The blue colors are also more spread out causing the red, orange and purple colours from the sun to be more prominant in a photo. It makes for beautiful landscape photos and it’s really pretty to look at. What I found too, is that becuase you don’t have a lot of time when it comes to the sun rising and setting, almost every frame has the potential to be different, differnt color mixings, darker shadows, if you catch the beginning of a sunset and stay past it setting, you can get a lot of differnt shots in a short amount of time.

I love the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. It’s a beautiful short drive along the ocean, and in the summer you get that smell of a bonfire mixed with the saltwater. And when the sun is setting the cole ports and the ferry terminal make for a great backdrop along a perfect sky filled with great colours. 

Magic Hour photography certainly isn’t anything new, we all have our photos taken at dusk (or for the real keeners, dawn) and even though the concept is very much known and used, still every photo is different.


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