Roll with the Changes

Thanks to the hipsters at HBO I now have REO speedwagon and Mac Miller constantly played over in my head. Both catchy and good songs, but I’m finding myself getting tired of them quickly.

The song is fitting though, as you can see we are now looking at a slightly different blog than the one before. Since deciding to switch from LuluBelle Photograhy to Alana Gentile Photography, I figured I needed to keep consistency with everything that I am doing, blog included. Lucky enough, I started this Alana Gentile Photography blog in September as part of an English project for school and kept it ever since. So here are are now on a slightly newer fresh page as I begin my slightly more serious endeavours into the photography business.

I’m excited, I’m really excited. Mostly because I have no idea what’s going to happen and where I’ll end up. To most that probably is the most terrifying thing in the world, but for me I am simply going to let God work it all out and follow where I’m led.

Tonight I am even more excited to check out this cool event downtown for a couple of charities. The theme? Polariod Party! It’s fitting since I’ve been obsessed with finding a decent polariod camera. Local photographers are supporting the event by selling polariods and the proceeds go towards these charities that are aimed at building schools and providing education in India and Ethiopia. I’m super excited to get out there and meet some other photographers that have been around a lot longer, and hopefully build some relationships. And get my dance on.


Ps the Website is finally finished too. Have a look!


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